Duhitzmark: 5 Things To Know About Instagram Star On His 16th Birthday

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1. He’s an Internet sensation!

When he was barely 14 years old in 2015, Mark Thomas, sometimes known online as “Duhitzmark,” started posting little music videos on the platform musical.ly. He uploaded the videos to his YouNow and Instagram pages, where he immediately developed a sizable online following. He currently has 475,000 Twitter followers and 2.5 million Instagram followers. A SMALL DEAL

2. He’s had the chance to tour with his songs.

After achieving widespread fame, Duhitzmark was given the amazing chance to travel with his songs in 2016. Fans went absolutely crazy when he joined other Internet celebrities on the TLG tour over the summer, including 5Quad, Loren Gray, and Flamingos. He will also take part in the Digi tour, which will take place in this year from April 1 to May 5.

3. He didn’t warm up to Twitter right away!

Mark actually joined Twitter way back in 2012, but he didn’t send out his first tweet until Feb. 2015, around the same time he started putting his music out into the world.

4. He’s SINGLE

Ladies, pay attention: Mark is a single guy. and he want a female companion! In recent tweets, Mark has said, “I need a girl I can hug and watch sunset with” and “I want to hire a professional cuddler to come cuddle me since I am lonely.” Mark frequently expresses his desire for a relationship.

5. He’s collaborated with other well-known social media stars

Mark has worked with Loren Gray, Zach Clayton, Nathan Triska, Jackson Krecioch and Kellianne Stankus — and we bet there’s more to come!

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